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Hello, Hi, Hey There!

My name's Denise and i am a consistent dreamer (I say this with pride).

The things i love are food (mmmm.....), books (obviously!), my son - who loves books as much as i do and who i read to daily, thinking up various creative things such as designing this blog to my liking, daydreaming especially about my book crushes and boyfriends and i can't forget my love for chocolate and peanut butter (everyone has their vices).

I must admit i'm an introvert with an added dose of shyness mixed in (well just when i first meet people, after a while i'm alright). Growing up i was always the quiet one in the background either with my friends or with my head in a book or sometimes at the library reading fanfic. Reading was a bad influence when it came to my time in college. There were a lot of days i would skip a few classes and be in the library reading (the book addiction was terrible). Now i'm able to balance reading my romance novels (yep, i adore the 'boy meets girl and they fall madly in love' stuff. hey! don't judge me i'm a dreamer remember) and the real world relatively well.

About the Blog

It took me a while to come to the decision to start my own blog. Everyone has thoughts on any book they've read. But it never occurred to me to actually write up a post my what i felt or thought of the books i get through. My first decision was to join booktube but with the not knowing how to edit videos factor it would take me a long time to learn. So i joined bookstagram then pushed myself to signing up to blogger in May 2015 (both happened on the same day). Even though i created the URL i wasn't confident yet with how to get my thoughts typed up for a review (honestly i'm still unsure but i'm willing to give it a try). The whole point for me was to atleast try - You never know you can achieve till you try.

So June 2015 is when i really started getting things set up, designing the background and getting the pages set up etc. The reason i chose blogging in the end for book talks was to firstly to be able to keep track of my book reads and then to be able to share my thoughts on the books iv'e read. So that if someone for some reason didn't see the release or heard of the author or book title i'd be able to give them something to enjoy esp. if they love romance like i do. I would love to look back on my reviews and blog posts in the future and if i'm rereading one of the books, i'd be able to compare my thoughts on the same book. See if i have a change of heart or still feel the same way. Also i would love to be part of this large and amazing book universe and exchange book thoughts with everyone.

My reason for choosing my name Romance Dreamland is tied to the fact that (as i said above) i'm a shameless dreamer and also because romance is my favorite genre. I do read other genre's but they ultimately tie in with a romantic story line in some way. I'm not sure i could enjoy a book without a love story entwined in it in some way. I have read some books without any romance involved and i honestly can't even tell you the name or the book or even any part of it. If there's no romance it will most likely get DNF'd by me. So that really explains the name behind the blog.


I do not own all the pictures posted on this blog. The graphics used in some posts and the header are made by me on Photoshop, book pictures are from google search engine and other places on the web (such as amazon).
I do not claim anything on this blog other than my thoughts and feelings, which are original, that have been written in the reviews and other articles on the pages of this blog.

All the books i review have either been purchased by me or sent from an author/publisher/PR company in exchange for an honest review (all review posts will state the books source).

Links to books included on the posts are affiliate links. Please use them to help support my blog.

Let's Connect

I would love to meet new friends and get to know you. You can leave me comments on any of my posts or through my social media links and can email me @ dees.dreamland@gmail.com. Send me a message, i always reply 'i promise'.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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