Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Book Release | Never Meant To Be


About the Book

never meant

Title: Never Meant to Be

Author: Yarro Rai

Genre: Romantic Mystery

Stella is journalist searching for a breakthrough story her wish is granted when she comes across two diaries written by two lovers (johnny and Esther). Stella is excited because Esther is the young Ceo and owner of several companies after her parents tragic death. But to her surprise she finds that she is a childhood friend of johnny who is just an orphan street hustler. The diary entry tells that how they met as a child and again as an adult leading to the romantic spark.
The things get complicated when Stella starts receiving phone calls offering her big amount for either destroying the diary or to hand it over. But as she turns pages she finds their story intriguing with secrets they have never told to each other. the phone calls and offer starts to rise as well as life losing threats but what she can’t understand is that why someone would pay so much money just to have their story.
Is it just a story or there is a hidden message in it like a cipher. The only way is to read both the diaries but the race to the last page is a long one.

Author Bio

Yarro rai the youngest whack of his family who suffers from dysgraphia (writing and spelling disorder). Started writing from early age taking out his anger but what started out as a medium to channel his anger later turned into an inspiring hobby. Writing raw and dark poems he published his first work on 2013 it was a collection of twelve heart provoking poems. continuing his passion he published his second book Dark Romeo taking his series of dark poetry further.
After poetry series his first fiction ‘Never meant to be’ is set to release in November 2015. And when he is not writing he likes to test his character on his friends and on stranger to record their reaction. Likes photography and staring at the night sky.


Friday, 20 November 2015

Cover Reveal | Calasade: Sanguinem Isle


About the Book

Title: Calasade: Sanguinem Isle
Author: Mark Stone
Genre: Fantasy
Caderyn Fortis has been many things—loyal husband, soldier, war veteran, public servant. Now he is a fallen nobilis and gambling addict, an alcoholic who never got over the murder of his wife. In his darkest hour an opportunity comes that can help him recover his self-worth and make up for the mistakes that cost him his wife. All he has to do? Discover who kidnapped a young woman and where they took her, then rescue her. He must do this while not alienating his employer—the best suspect—or falling in love with the woman helping him.

Author Bio

Mark Stone lives in the United States and Spain with his greatest inspiration, his wife Cinta. Having written award-winning Flash Fiction, he is now a novelist writing tales of Fantasy that take place in Calasade, a world heavily influenced by Ancient Rome. You can find him at:


Regularly priced at $5.49, Calasade: Sanguinem Isle is on sale for Kindle during this tour. Cost? $1.99. Purchase your copy of this acclaimed novel at
Other places to purchase:
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Visit to learn about new and past Calasade publications.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Review | Dragon Marked

My first review back, I've been procrastinating when it comes to getting online and typing this review. I first read this book beginning of the year, maybe a few weeks after it was published. But it was through Kindle Unlimited so i sadly i couldn't keep the copy i had. So can you imagine the excites i got when i saw this on Netgalley. I'm definitely not one to reread lol (don't judge me, it's hard for me to go through a book that i already know. Makes it very easy to see if someone has copied someone else's book though) so this review is going to be a throwback of sorts.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Feature & Follow #7

Did you miss me? You probably didn't even know i was gone :( lol but i went MIA due to some personal reasons and wanted the feature and follow to be my first post back. I'm soo excited to participate again.

So for those that don't already know, Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read came up with this meme to help bloggers gain new followers and also to get to know each other and become friends. (cool, right?). It happens every Friday, so come get your hop on!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I've been MIA

Hey dreamers, 
Sorry I've been MIA for soo long. Feels like I've been gone for years rather than weeks. I've missed blogging soo much. I've missed my mini slice of the bloggerverse (see what i did there lol sometimes i think i'm hilarious!!!).