Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I've been MIA

Hey dreamers, 
Sorry I've been MIA for soo long. Feels like I've been gone for years rather than weeks. I've missed blogging soo much. I've missed my mini slice of the bloggerverse (see what i did there lol sometimes i think i'm hilarious!!!).
I've been going through some personal issues then i didn't have Internet :( then to top it all off my little munchkin got ill which then lead to me being ill :( Still on the mend but I'm not at the 'OMG I'm dying, my insides are trying to kill me' stage anymore. 

Can't wait to get back to the meme's and talking about the books I've come across and whether i loved them or not and which characters i want to kill, maim, or love on. Plus interacting with any and everyone that comes onto my blog and shows me love by commenting :). Thanks for all the love and support you've shown me so far in my short time as a blogger.
Good times ahead.............................................

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