Review Policy

Accepting Review Request: Yes

As this is a personal blog not a commercial one, there is no monetary exchange involved. I welcome any request for books in exchange for an honest review. If anyone wants to contact me for review requests, please read the following
  • Fiction Only
  • My first choice will always be a physical copy before any other
  • I only accept EPUB, MOBI or PDF FILES when being offered an ebook. Any other formats of eBook will not be accepted as i have no access to those formats
  • Audio books will only be accepted if being sent with either a physical copy or an eBook
  • I read Adult, New Adult or Young Adult books. 
  • The Genre I read is Romance (Paranormal, Contemporary, Science Fiction and Fantasy). I tend not to read dystopian/post-apocalyptic or historical but will consider it if the book sounds amazing
  • Please give me a minimum of two weeks to read and review your book, because of life outside the book world. If for any reason i fall behind the deadline then i will contact you and keep you informed
  • Sending me a request for a review does not automatically ensure that i will read the book. It will depend on if the book is interesting to me and what other commitments i'm tied to at the time
  • If after three weeks you've not received any communication from me about the review then please do contact me. Sometimes the world outside of the Book Universe does tend to get in the way and cause me to be busier than expected
You will be able to find my contact details and a contact form (for your convenience) on the contact page and links to my various social media accounts in the sidebar.

Thank you 

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