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Review | Shattered Blue

Title: Shattered Blue
Author:Lauren Bird Horowitz
Genre: Teens & Young Adult, Sci Fi & Fantasy
Format: eARC
Page Count: 338
Publishing Date: 15 Sept 2015
Publisher: Amazon Publishing, Skyscape
Source: Netgalley

I received this advance readers copy from Netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review.

The Lowdown (Taken from Netgalley.com)
For Noa and Callum, being together is dangerous, even deadly. From the start, sixteen-year-old Noa senses that the mysterious transfer student to her Monterey boarding school is different. Callum unnerves and intrigues her, and even as she struggles through family tragedy, she’s irresistibly drawn to him. Soon they are bound by his deepest secret: Callum is Fae, banished from another world after a loss hauntingly similar to her own.

But in Noa’s world, Callum needs a special human energy, Light, to survive; his body steals it through touch—or a kiss. And Callum’s not the only Fae on the hunt. When Callum is taken, Noa must decide: Will she sacrifice everything to save him? Even if it means learning their love may not be what she thought?

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The Story wasn't absolutely atrocious that i couldn't finish it but it also didn't draw me and keep me intrigue until the very last page. The beginning was emotional and made you feel for the family and the characters dealing with the tragedy but as it went on i was just rolling my eyes and getting exasperated. But i would recommend since not everyone is me and people i'm sure will love this.

The Cover art is soo beautiful. And depicts the story beautifully with the shards of glass representing her life and emotions and the specks of magic or stars around the front of her representing her belief in magic. I'm not going to go into it all but it just absolutely beautiful

Heat rating is low, even though there is romance. It's not fifty shades type hot and the only physical thing the do is touch i.e. holding hands or face stroke and one kiss happened. So no major heat happening here.

Love or Hate

Have you ever had that moment when you finish a book and your just confused? So confused that even your emotions are confused. That's where I'm at right now, just confusion. I don't know if i loved, just liked or despise this book.
The love and like would come from the story, how it wove into something that was just dragging you through dull motions and all the clever ways the curve-balls would hit. Even when it ended it didn't leave you with an inkling of where the next story would take you. Will they succeed in their quest and who does she actually love plus who will she choose. So much confusion. But i didn't completely hate it, it was in the middle of love and despise.

Its going to be hard to do this without spoilers but I'll try my hardest.

The Characters

The main female is Noa who has just lost her older sister in an accident she blames herself for. And her family haven't been the same since then. 
Her mother has been a recluse because she blames herself and her father tends to hide himself away at work or in his study. Her sister is her heart, her happiness and her reason to keep going day to day.
I honestly didn't love her character, even though she had amazing strength and for the most part didn't show me signs of stupidity like most female leads i read. Her emotions and thoughts were all over the place. There were instances were i could've explained what was going on especially with matters of the heart but for some odd reason *well to me anyway* she couldn't explain and just tried to convince herself and everyone else around.

Then comes the new student Callum and later on his younger brother Judah. The fae brothers. Who both have secrets that keep them trying to save each other but also keeps pushing them apart. I can't say i loved either one of the them. They did keep the story interesting once all the various secrets started spewing out one after the other. But honestly i didn't care for the triangle that was about to be created, i didn't think it needed to happen. Their family was already struggling and to add that to it would've torn them apart even more so it was unnecessary to add that to the mix.

The Romance

From the title of this blog you can already tell i love romance books. So if there's any sort of romance in a book, I'm gonna fall head first into it and forget about the rest of the story to focus on that. But i have a bias for one on one love, i despise love triangles and menages. So for me this story was going perfectly well in the romance department until a love triangle was form and for me it went downhill. In the first part of the book without Judah i was in day dream land just picturing the story as it played out on the pages but then he entered into it and i just couldn't enjoy the romance i was reading. The thing there was no romance from what i could read till it got closer to the end, so it seem to be forced for me. Like the author thought some more drama should be thrown in to the mix. She could've just had some brotherly love there and had it go to the point where shes thinking about who shes in love with and having to use her head to make the final decision. Noa emotions were so fickle when it came to love and i don't even believe the fae boys knew what love looked like if it smack them in the face. So on the romance/love part i couldn't score it a high mark.

Would I Rec or Continue the series

Truth be told i wasn't intrigue enough to want to continue the series. I'm a curious person and from the way the end was seeming the guy i don't want her with would probably end up with her. I'd rather not read that. Yes, i'm kind of petty with my story lines and if the female character doesn't end up with the one i want i stop reading. I'll most likely wait till the third book's description to decide if i'll continue. Since that usually reveals what i want to know from book 2.

I would definitely recommend it, as i said above. Everyone is different so there are most likely going to be a bunch of people that fall in love with this story and the triangle and continue on and fall for every book in the series. 

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